No, but it stems from something real.


Every day, new sexualities are born. In Gen Z’s endless inward-spiraling analysis of one’s identity, parts of one’s self are compartmentalized further and further until there is a new mental illness for every quirk and a new sexual orientation for every connection.

One of these new sexual orientations is called…

Regardless of the hedonistic society around you.

It is said that communication is the most important aspect of a healthy relationship.

I would agree, but I think the first thing you should do with your communication skills after they’ve been developed is establish boundaries.

Boundaries are hard lines that you draw between yourself and others, distinguishing where…

The ability to handle social rejection is key to overthrowing the Thought Police

The Woke Mob uses social rejection to scare normal people into submission

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you have likely seen insane instances of people losing their jobs and being “canceled” over something as small as a different opinion than that of the Woke Mob. The Woke Mob can be referred to as a single entity and represented by any…

If you are a woman considering starting an OnlyFans account to sell nude content, please read through.

If you agree with my argument, then step away from the webcam — you have saved yourself some heartache.

If you disagree with my argument, then be glad that you have considered alternative perspectives and can be confident in your decision to proceed.

OnlyFans logo via

In case you don’t know, OnlyFans is…


I have this realization about once a year. I don’t know why I always forget. It never fails to reset me.

It’s a process for sure, but a process well worth it.

It’s instant calmness. It’s Sativa. It’s chamomile tea.

It’s shut the fuck up.

That’s right.

Shut the fuck…

Z Neutral

Not an expert, just a philosopher

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