How We Are Going to Defeat the Woke Mob

The ability to handle social rejection is key to overthrowing the Thought Police

Z Neutral
11 min readJul 11, 2020
The Woke Mob uses social rejection to scare normal people into submission

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you have likely seen insane instances of people losing their jobs and being “canceled” over something as small as a different opinion than that of the Woke Mob. The Woke Mob can be referred to as a single entity and represented by any member because they all have the exact same thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Any dissenters, even by the slightest amount, are immediately exiled from the Woke Mob and “Canceled”.

What is Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture is when the bottomfeeders of society decide that they don’t like something you said so they do everything in their power to ruin your life.

Thinking for yourself is not allowed. Well, it is, but the Woke Mob has the right to respond however they feel is appropriate, which could be anywhere from childish insults to calling your employer and ruining your livelihood.

Here’s the problem: There’s never an open discussion. There’s never an opportunity for understanding. Even those convicted of actual crimes have a right to a trial! You don’t get canceled for being wrong about something, which can be proven or disproven objectively — you get canceled for offending someone. And in this day and age, offending someone is no longer an overt attack on some sort of identity characteristic, no — offending someone is when you disagree with them.

It became dangerous when we started questioning where to draw the line between intention and interpretation when assigning meaning to language. If you say something and intend one thing, and someone interprets it differently, who is wrong?

The Woke Mob believes that it’s the speaker who’s wrong. If someone can interpret your words to be offensive, then that’s what they are: offensive. No room for elaboration, no space for discussion. The Woke Mob has the Divine Right to tell you what your words mean. Narcissistic, much?

Who Would Want to Be in the Woke Mob?

Who would be so hell-bent on ruining someone’s lives over a disagreement? What kind of person would pride themselves in not being able to handle an alternative perspective?

Well, let’s hop on our figurative spaceship and observe the Woke Mob from an objective alien’s point of view. What is gained by ruining someone’s life over a disagreement?

It seems that the answer is a façade of moral superiority. The Woke Mob is made up of “individuals” who practice zero free thought and quite literally live for social approval. They allow any “Woke” opinion to be inserted into their brains like a child putting a coin into a piggy bank. Hear that rattle?

When you have no original thoughts — when your mind is so frail and weak that you have to be spoonfed opinions out of fear that anything else will get you socially exiled — opinions for which you will end friendships, disrespect others, justify violence, and just overall allow them to turn you into a mean-spirited person, of course you’re going to cling onto anything that gives you a sliver of a semblance of being valuable to society in any way.

Imagine being so intellectually desperate that your greatest achievement is a façade of moral righteousness. *Trump Twitter voice* SAD!

At what point did society become so weak and fragile that we cannot handle a civil discourse? We can’t even have an open discussion anymore, let alone a respectful one. The Mob immediately resorts to name-calling, silencing, de-platforming, and in many cases, violence.

The Woke Mob enforces their authority on Thought and Speech by taking down people they disagree with is in 5 simple steps, as outlined by one of the most brilliant writers on Medium, Timi Olotu. Here is his full article.

How the Woke Mob Attempts to Control the Normal People

Olotu outlines the 5 steps that the Mob uses to take down Free Thinkers when they exercise their right to free speech:

  1. Misappropriate words
  2. Assault objective frameworks of language
  3. Attack the character of the critics
  4. Assert the supremacy of the subjective
  5. Resort to coercion

Let’s evaluate these tactics by using an example of me refusing to bow down to the Woke Mob (I’m Suzan). For context, I was having a pretty respectful disagreement with a friend about the risks of sending children back to school amidst the COVID pandemic. Then the Woke Mob rode in on its high horse to let me know how morally inferior I am for not bowing down. Take a look:

So Tactic #1 is to “misappropriate and wilfully misinterpret commonly understood concepts.” Read the first interaction in this screenshot:

“I can live not in fear and still care about the people that died knowing that I’m likely not going to die.”

In this statement, I assert (1) I don’t live in fear, (2) I still care about the people that died, and (3) I know I’m likely not going to die.

Now let’s take a look at how the Woke Mob wilfully misinterprets the above message and chooses to interpret it as “ignoring” and somehow “spitting on” those that have lost someone. There is an obvious disconnect between my statement and the interpretation, but this extremist chooses to pretend that the disconnect does not exist, and assumes that no one reading will have the minimum 80 IQ required to notice.

Tactic #2 is not really reflected here since tactic #2 usually relies on the Woke party to be higher up on the Victimhood Hierarchy. I got lucky here. Since I am a racial minority and a woman, I get 2 (two) Woke points. I rank higher than this authoritarian on the Mob’s Victimhood Hierarchy and therefore my argument carries some inherent validity.

Tactic #3 is where we get to the meat. Olotu says, “authoritarians attack the character and moral intentions of critics who see through and condemn this strategy.”

Let’s break this down.

After being shamed because the Woke Mob wilfully misinterpreted my first statement, I saw through and condemned the strategy.

The Mob wields their power by scaring others into submission. It goes something like, “you disagree with me? FINE! I will TORTURE you into agreement by stripping you of your psychological need of social belonging, as stated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!”

Once you are able to see through this sad shell of an “argument,” you have the power of Reason (which even Socrates, the Father of Logic, claims is the most reliable form of persuasion). Although civilized people are able to engage in civil discourse, the Mob is not civil, therefore they do not use critical thinking skills like logic and reason — just insults and feelings. Because of the inherently subjective nature of the latter two, the former two are automatically superior.

My response was, “you cannot shame or bully me into being scared.” This is the worst thing the Mob can imagine being told because when you are not afraid of the Mob, you rob them of their power. They run on fear. When they don’t have your fear, they have nothing.

So since I condemn and attack this weak strategy, the Mob does exactly as Olotu predicts: it attacks my character and moral intentions.

I condemn its weak strategy and it responds by calling me “rotten.” My brain is rotten, my soul is rotten.

At this point, anyone without a working brain would think that we’re “even”: I have taken away the power of the fear tactic, and for that, I am punished by being called “rotten”. This is exactly what Olotu outlines in Tactic #4:

Once an authoritarian movement has established a framework which makes it easy to silence critics, the only audible voice becomes its own.

I am rotten, therefore no one should listen to me. Never mind using critical thinking skills — the Mob assumes that anyone reading will be scared into believing their absurdities. The narcissistic and delusional rationale is, “I called her rotten, therefore people will believe she’s rotten, and who is going to listen to a rotten person?”

And finally, Tactic #5: Resort to coercion.

If you can get people to abandon their apparatuses of critical thinking (e.g. language and logic), surrender to your subjective interpretation of the world and see their environment as perpetually threatening, then you can get them to permit unjustified violence.

When the Mob successfully commits the first four tactics, they all lead up to tactic #5: permitting unjustified violence. Here, the Mob justifies the death of a loved one for me since I am not living in fear like it.

At this point, the Mob has a full story: “She should be scared like me. She’s not scared? Must be because she wants people to die. That’s right, she wants people to die because she’s totally rotten. And rotten people should be silenced. I am the only one who is allowed to speak! I am the Judge of All Character. Forget logic and reason, she’s rotten! Why would you listen to a rotten person? Rotten people deserve to have their loved ones die.”

And this is not even an isolated incident. This might as well be a spambot for the Woke Mob to spread hate to any dissenters because I see tantrums that are identical to this all the time.

The Woke Mob would rather prance around with its hands over its ears and its eyes closed in a complete delusion believing the most absurd rationale for its absurd behavior than think critically, use reason, and have a respectful conversation like a civilized human being, all because its scared of not having social approval. Why doesn’t the Woke Mob just join a traveling circus and leave normal people alone?

Even Ancient Greek Philosophy Thinks Your Argument Is Wack

Although the Woke Mob has only recently taken over the media and is on its way to take over the government, these logical fallacies are as old as logic itself — literally! Aristotle, the Father of Logic, asserted that all rhetoric has three main venues: ethos (ethics), pathos (emotion), and logos (logic). Although these are all very effective in the art of persuasion, Aristotle himself denounces the use of only pathos when having a rational argument. Doing so is a logical fallacy:

Fallacy of Emotion (Pathos)

Argumentum ad misericordimArgument (appeal) to pity

This fallacy attempts to prove an argument true because it will benefit and/or stop hurting someone. While this concern is not in and of itself wrong, it cannot be used to simply dismiss any and all objections.

“Programs like that should not be put on television; think of what it does to the children.”

The Fallacy of Emotion adds another layer to Tactic #1. Appealing to emotions to redirect attention away from the fact that I simply will not bow down to the Mob and live in fear like them and towards the voluntary misinterpretation of my words that imply that I don’t care for those who die. Wait, I’m not giving the Mob enough credit. I want to spit on those who die! By silencing me, the Mob’s argument is true because it will stop hurting the victims of COVID that I spit on. This “argument” is then used to dismiss my objections to the fear-mongering that the Mob tries to force on the Silent Majority of Free Thinkers.

Why is All of This Happening?

It’s quite simple, really. Absurdity has been used throughout history to filter out the members of society who think for themselves.

The reason the King walks down the street naked in his imaginary suit is to draw out and catch those people unwilling to say they see what isn’t there. — Ron Unz (referring to Orwell, 1984)

People who think for themselves can be a threat to authority because they don’t blindly follow anyone, much less blindly follow an “ideology”.

If you ever need a loyal sidekick, find someone who doesn’t think for themself. This person will copy & paste your opinions into their minds without giving it a second thought. And don’t worry about teaching them about the reasons behind it — if someone disagrees, they’ll just huff and puff from behind their mask, smash that “rotten” button on their keyboard, and pat themselves on the back for being Morally Superior.

What is the Solution?

Well, Matt Walsh said it best.

“Most of the time when we’re talking about Cancel Culture, it’s a weapon that we have to give to them. It’s an emotional weapon. Emotional blackmail. If you don’t care about their feelings — if enough people don’t care about their feelings, then they got nowhere else to go. All they can do is put their tail between their legs and go home and shut up.”

That’s it. We have tried reason. We have tried open discussion. We have tried compromising. The Woke Mob is not interested in anything that doesn’t 100% align with their beliefs. Any attempt at open discussion is vilified and condemned, and the life of the dissenter is threatened.

Olotu explained the disconnect between normal people trying to engage in civil discourse with the Woke Mob by referring to this popular quote:

“Never play chess with a pigeon. It will just knock over the pieces, sh*t all over the board and strut around like it won.”

The Woke Mob is the proverbial pidgeon. Rather than using the rules of the game, which in this case would be critical thinking skills, the Woke Mob disregards the value of “playing by the rules” and instead does what no reasonable person would do: they shit all over the board.

Olotu explains “the saying suggests that the party which displays the most destructive behaviour is the most likely to exit the situation with a sense of superiority — presumably because no one stopped them from doing whatever they wanted.”

By screaming in your face, refusing to debate, calling you names, and justifying violence against you, the Woke Mob effectively shits all over your board and struts around with a sense of superiority since normal people didn’t stoop to their level of throwing a childlike tantrum.

We just have to snatch the power out of their hands. I don’t care about your feelings. Don’t pay them any more attention than you would a toddler who is stomping their feet for more M&Ms.

We need to demand that they use Reason when speaking to us. We have to be able to look them in the eyes and say,

“You will NOT scare me into thinking like you. If you want to change my mind, you will have to use Logic and Reason. Nothing else.” And leave it at that.

Their only defense against you is to shame you, “cancel” you, vilify you, call you a racist, sexist, transphobe, islamophobe, fatphobe, homophobe, xenophobe, or a privileged, cis-gendered, straight white male.

When people become so desperately addicted to social approval that they will abandon their manners, critical thinking abilities, and even family and friends, know you are not dealing with a right-minded individual. This person is sick — they have an addiction to social approval, and they think you do too. That’s why they’ll use anything they can get their hands on to force you to experience their biggest fear: social rejection.

Social rejection can sting for a second, but the kind of productive sting you would get from working out and beating your own record. Sure, your muscles are sore, but hey, you’re that much stronger.

If you start to feel the burn of social rejection, you’re doing it right.

Stay rotten B)