How We Are Going to Defeat the Woke Mob

The ability to handle social rejection is key to overthrowing the Thought Police

The Woke Mob uses social rejection to scare normal people into submission

What is Cancel Culture?

Who Would Want to Be in the Woke Mob?

How the Woke Mob Attempts to Control the Normal People

  1. Misappropriate words
  2. Assault objective frameworks of language
  3. Attack the character of the critics
  4. Assert the supremacy of the subjective
  5. Resort to coercion

Even Ancient Greek Philosophy Thinks Your Argument Is Wack

Why is All of This Happening?

The reason the King walks down the street naked in his imaginary suit is to draw out and catch those people unwilling to say they see what isn’t there. — Ron Unz (referring to Orwell, 1984)

What is the Solution?

“Most of the time when we’re talking about Cancel Culture, it’s a weapon that we have to give to them. It’s an emotional weapon. Emotional blackmail. If you don’t care about their feelings — if enough people don’t care about their feelings, then they got nowhere else to go. All they can do is put their tail between their legs and go home and shut up.”

“You will NOT scare me into thinking like you. If you want to change my mind, you will have to use Logic and Reason. Nothing else.” And leave it at that.



Not an expert, just a philosopher

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