Human Nature Transcends Political Correctness

“Garden” by Paulina Wierzgacz

There was this one time where my team had to carry a bunch of heavy tables back to a storage unit. Me, being the only girl, waited for the guys to pick up the heavy tables, and I figured I’d do something else to help, such as fold the tablecloths and carry them back to the storage unit.

“Why don’t you grab that table?” one of the guys said to me.

“It’s heavy. You’re a guy, you do it.” I replied.

“Nah, see, just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you don’t have to carry tables. What ever happened to equality?”

What happened to the fact that you are exponentially stronger than me?

A huge, elephant-in-the-room-type of logical fallacy in political correctness and the concept of Gender Equality is that it completely disregards biology.

Google Dictionary (oh so unbiased Google) defines gender equality as “a state in which access to rights or opportunities is not affected by gender.”

Sounds great, right?

But in practice, what does that really mean? What if a job or opportunity requires a certain level of strength that only men generally have?

What if a job or opportunity requires certain level of a comforting nurturing nature that only women generally have?

Do we compromise the quality of this position and the job that is to be done for the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings? For the sake of “Inclusivity”?

I read this article about how there’s only a few female firefighters in most firefighting departments. Of course, this article is talking about how this needs to change and it’s such a huge problem because “Equality”.

Have we ever considered that maybe men just make better firefighters due to a biological advantage for that particular job?

If someone is in a burning building and they need to be carried down several flights of stairs, Human Biology is set up in a way that a man would objectively do a better job of carrying that person to safety because they are naturally stronger, faster, and have higher stamina.

When it comes to life-or-death situations like the one stated above, why do we even consider “Gender Equality” as a factor? Shouldn’t our first and foremost thought be, “okay, we want to save as many people as possible — let’s make sure that we have the strongest firefighters that we can possibly find.”

The strongest firefighters will be men.

Of course, I must clarify that there are women who train to be very strong and fast. My point is that left to our own devices with no training whatsoever, men will be objectively stronger. Because that’s how we are built.

What is with the obsession of having an equal amount of men and women in each position? Are we really so concerned about people’s feelings that we will compromise the quality of how a job is done to make sure everyone feels “included”?

Third Wave Feminism ideology that insists women should be “equal” to man is logically inconsistent because if we really loved and valued our women, we would encourage them to embrace their Femininity, rather than trying to be just like men.

Consider this: Women (biological women) run on menstrual cycles that affect every part of their being. Now, this cycle isn’t just bleeding once a month and then it’s over, as most of us are taught to understand. This cycle is a constant cycle that affects our emotions, mental states, and bodies. As a woman’s body approaches menstruation, she experiences changes. All women experience different symptoms, but nonetheless, each woman’s body has her own way to let her know that menstruation is coming. It is typically preceded by heightened irritability and emotional sensitivity (i.e., clearer thinking), cramps, cravings, and a critical need for isolation and introspection. After menstruation, as the female body prepares for ovulation, there are several different symptoms as well.

The typical 28-day cycle runs in sync with the 28-day cycle of the moon. This synchronicity gives women a tangible connection with the earth and the universe.

Men have no such connection. [Edit: Yes they do]

Are we really going to pretend that despite this huge difference in body and mind, we are all born the same and every gender difference is purely a result of social constructs?

And if every gender difference is a result of social constructs, what are the social constructs based off of? Is it completely a coincidence that we expect men to occupy physically strenuous jobs, and they also happen to be the stronger gender?

Is it completely random that Women — the Life Givers, the Portals between the Spiritual and Physical realms, where babies are formed and birthed out of — are the ones who happen to be traditionally expected to do the majority of the nurturing and raising of the children?

This idea of us all being born as blank slates regardless of our gender will ultimately lead to the filtering out of people who think this way, because political correctness does not transcend human nature. Insisting that there is no connection between genetics and gender expression does not negate the fact that heterosexual women are generally attracted to traditionally masculine men, and vice versa. No amount of political correctness or irrational insistence of “Equality” will change intersexual dynamics.

There will be men who insist that they don’t have to act masculine, and these men will simply attract fewer women.

There will be women who insist that they don’t have to act feminine, and these women will simply attract fewer men.

Both of these views lower each individual’s chance of reproducing.

For both parties, personality isn’t enough to attract the opposite gender. We can all be friends, sure; but women will always naturally be attracted to strong men who make them feel safe and beautiful, and men will always naturally be attracted to beautiful women who make them feel needed and strong.

Cultures around the world who don’t feed their minds and bodies all the trash that American culture provides (i.e., Trump, Kardashians, soy, high fructose corn syrup) — the cultures in which their connection to the Earth and the Divine are not disrupted by chemicals and Fake News— are generally the ones who keep traditional gender roles.

The eradication of gender roles is purely a product of advanced Western civilization.

The real social construct is pretending that gender does not exist.

The Feminine and Masculine compliment each other in a harmonious way.

It’s okay for us to need each other.

Have a blessed day.



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