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Why outer beauty is just as important as inner beauty.

If you haven’t already, read the foundation of my philosophy here.

With men being visual creatures, it only fits that women are the more beautiful gender. It wouldn’t make evolutionary sense for it to be any other way.

Which came first, men being visual creatures or women being beautiful? I don’t know. All I know is the reality that is in front of me.

Culturally, it is evident that there is a strong shift away from raising our daughters to be beautiful and ladylike, and instead focus on the inside: “be kind, be smart, be independent” is the sentiment that we aim for, because that’s what men should like. In theory it’s nice, but it just doesn’t hold up in practice. Men are attracted to beauty first. Teaching our daughters to not value outer beauty is setting them up for loneliness and low self esteem.

I’m not negating the fact that other qualities are important. My argument is that they’re just as important. It is equally important for a woman to have outer beauty as it is for her to have inner beauty.

There is the dichotomy of attraction and commitment, in which the woman’s outer beauty creates attraction and her inner beauty inspires an emotional attachment.

While women should most definitely have access to a state of emotional independence, be intelligent, and be kind, it’s important that we don’t write off the importance of being beautiful as well.

Our generation is so quick to denounce the standard of being ladylike without ever questioning why we raise our daughters to be ladylike in the first place.

The “Male Gaze” is a concept defined by Feminism as portraying women in a way that satisfies men according to men’s standards by depicting women in media and interpersonal interactions through the lens of the male libido.

It initially sounds sexist, as does everything, but have we ever stopped to examine the validity of the standards that make up the Male Gaze?

A common ideology revolving around the Male Gaze is that it is an arbitrary standard of measurement that should be disregarded; however, it’s important that we examine the standards of the male gaze and at least know why we are denouncing it.

Denouncing the Male Gaze implies several different things:

  1. Men are not capable of having valid standards.
  2. Women should not hold themselves to the standards of men.

Let’s explore.

With the way men are portrayed in the media and throughout the internet, a common theme is that they are either alpha-maniac testosterone driven beasts who seek to harm, or they are lazy couch potatoes who are less intelligent than women. Where is the representation for the high quality men? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Look around. Men built ALL OF THIS. To say that men are either lazy and stupid or evil is to completely disregard the order and comfort that has been established by men. Knowing how well we are doing on earth thanks to men, why would we assume they’re incapable of having valid standards of women?

I understand this point to an extent; women most definitely should not place their self worth in men and make them the only source of validation. That being said — in female nature, a physical purpose of being with men is for reproduction of course, but the core emotional purpose is to feel desired. Not to say that women can’t be fulfilled without feeling desired by man, but it’s something that a woman would have to accept. The initial source of fulfillment that a woman can receive from a man is to feel desired, and from there if that is not achieved, she then is able to accept that and move on to find validation in other ways. The default form of validation for women comes from feeling desired by men. Not because then she’ll get compliments — it goes deeper than that. It all comes down to reproduction. By knowing that they are desired by men, women receive confirmation that their biological desire to reproduce will be fulfilled.

Being a beautiful woman (inside and out) on earth is the highest, most fulfilling experience that a woman can have — a beautiful woman is overwhelmed with desire from men; from getting treated unfairly well while out in public, to being complimented everywhere she goes, to having high quality men sacrifice their time and money in attempts to be Selected by her. Even if she possesses outer beauty and no inner beauty, she still experiences the initial feeling of desire from men when they show interest in her far more often than a woman with only inner beauty. Women default to wanting to feel beautiful; it is only after a woman accepts (whether true or not) that she is not and never will be beautiful, or convinces herself that beauty does not matter (which both are a long struggle to do), is she able to find validation and self love only in her other qualities, such as her independence or her sense of humor. It is against female nature to simply not ever be concerned with one’s own attractiveness.

The standards that make up the Male Gaze that modern-day Feminists are so worried about abiding by are simple: be beautiful, be nurturing, and be virtuous. What about that is so wrong? What is oppressive about expecting women to act in a loving manner, to use all the tools she is given to increase her attractiveness, to hold herself and those around her to a high moral standard? One might argue that the specifics of those qualities are subjective, such as what exactly makes a woman beautiful, but let’s not kid ourselves. Women are beautiful when their health is radiant because that signals fertility. From a biological standpoint, that is the core quality that peaks a man’s interest, even if he doesn’t know it.

I agree that physical beauty shouldn’t dominate a woman’s existence, but there are so many tools put in place to at least enhance a woman’s beauty. Women have been applying makeup for thousands of years. Throughout different eras and cultures, one consistency among human women throughout history has been that women want to look beautiful.

I can already hear the cries of the Feminists:

“Women want to look beautiful for THEMSELVES!”

Sure. What about feeling beautiful makes women feel so good? Could it possibly be that by looking beautiful, she satisfies her top emotional need from men by feeling desired, and then finding fulfillment in the fact that she will not have trouble finding a suitor to reproduce with?

Why do we squander this crucial element of female nature and pretend it doesn’t exist, only to raise women as second-class men who never get to feel desired? We are setting our women up for emptiness.

We shouldn’t wait for men to validate us; however, I believe women should align with the Male Gaze not because it’s been established by men, but because being a beautiful, nurturing, virtuous woman is the most efficient use of your female existence.

Men can handle the Man’s World. They’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.

What we’re beginning to lose is the beauty of the Woman’s Earth.

What men do is seen.

What women do is felt.

It is a dishonor to women as a whole to disregard the important role we play in creating a home on earth for humans. Yes, men created and ran everything in the Man’s World, but what motivated them to do so?

It was the beautiful women of the previous generation who selected which bloodlines would be passed down, and the beautiful women of the present who watch on as they silently make their choice.

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