Man’s World | Woman’s Earth: Introduction

Z Neutral
3 min readAug 31, 2019

“Everything in nature is curvilinear. Like a spiral galaxy, or like the spiral in a flower or in a conch shell. Nature moves in curves; in sinuous, circular lines. And women are the embodiments of nature.” — Simon Chokoisky

Where femininity is a mystery, men are like math problems.

The objective standard to base this off of is the male and female physiological makeup. Men’s bodies are big and strong, and women’s bodies are small and have the capability of carrying life.

Because men have an innate ability to defend themselves from harm, they have no reason to not be straightforward about anything. Worst case scenario: they put themselves in danger. If they put themselves in danger, they still will have the power to defend themselves.

Women are smaller and carry the fertile portal that brings human life onto the earth. The responsibility of having to protect your womb manifests itself in immense vulnerability. Not only are women smaller, but also physically attractive. Being that men are visual beings and women being the more physically beautiful gender, that attraction fits together like a puzzle. The sight of a woman has an effect on the male brain that could not be achieved visually for a woman.

Women are extremely vulnerable because left to their own devices, they are unable to protect themselves from harm. This causes women to constantly be avoiding danger, which is evident in the way women often act against their true desires. Since women are so physically vulnerable, they are also a target to those with bad intentions. It only takes one dangerous situation to harm a woman (and potentially ultimately harm her womb), so women exist on a baseline of fear — fearing this one potential situation.

Because women are constantly avoiding that one dangerous situation, they can’t afford to make themselves any more vulnerable by revealing their true desires. This manifests itself in several different ways; but the overarching theme is that everything about women is complex.

Women aren’t straightforward and logical because there is a situation they are avoiding. If potential for that situation is blocking the path of whatever makes sense, they will choose a different path.

Men, on the other hand, are straightforward and logical because they are ready for anything. They are task-oriented beings. To them, everything should have a clear beginning and end, and a logical process in between.

We can see the same themes being played out on a much larger scale.

There is the side of our planet that involves everything man-made. Everything that has a clear beginning-to-end process of creating, such as buildings, civilizations, institutions, are made by men. These are the elements that make up the Man’s World.

There is the side of our planet that is inexplicable. There are plants and animals and feelings and a sense of awareness that do not have a clear beginning and end; they simply exist and we don’t know why or how.

For some reason, the most beautiful and delicate parts of earth have uncanny resemblances to women. Flowers and fruits looking like female genitalia, or the menstrual cycle synchronizing with the cycle of the moon; these are the things that make up the Woman’s Earth.

In this series, I will be exploring this philosophy and pinpointing ways that it fits in to our modern-day society. Rather than suppressing the differences between men and women in an attempt to make them equal, I aim to explore the Why’s of what makes Male Nature and Female Nature the way they are.