Man’s World | Woman’s Earth: Logic versus Feelings

Yes, I actually do know everything.

Broke: Thinking you know everything.

Woke: Thinking you know nothing.

Bespoke: Knowing you know everything.

Thinking you know everything comes from the perspective of the Ego looking outward. The Ego doesn’t recognize the existence of Oneness, but rather believes that knowledge begins and ends within their human perspective.

Thinking you know nothing comes from an acknowledgement of the limitations of Ego, opening one’s self up to the knowledge of others.

Knowing you know everything comes from the perspective of the Higher Self, recognizing and understanding the separation between Ego and Oneness, and looking inward for answers by referring to the Collective Consciousness.

In other words, you have all the answers.

I was listening to a Youtube video about Charles Bukowski and how his tombstone reads, “Don’t try.” Bukowski explains how when you have a favorite color, you think you chose it; you can explain why it’s your favorite color, you can say it makes you feel good, but you can’t explain why it makes you feel good. This, he explains, is because your favorite color chose you.

And that’s what it is.

The answers choose you.

The “Broke” perspective is evident in trying to find answers by searching for an explanation first. By searching for an explanation, you limit the Truth by filtering it through Human Logic, a construct of the Ego.

As humans we focus too much on bringing every single thing into the physical realm through the filters of logic and language and if it doesn’t make it past the filter, we dismiss it as nonexistent but the gag is, it existent. It’s right there.

Feelings are not limited by the bounds of logic and language. Feelings come, go, and change like the weather. We can go in and explain the water cycle; how the water is evaporated and then when there’s enough in the cloud it pours down, but we can’t explain why hydrogen and oxygen make water or why water feels wet or why we feel sad when the rain makes the sky less blue.

Rainy days make us feel gloomy. We can go in and explain the association between how we feel and our environment, but here’s where we mess up: if we’re unable to explain the association, we dismiss it as a coincidence.

Men Rely on Logic, Women Rely on Feelings

The concept of women being perceived as crazy comes from men’s innate disconnection from nature (not complete disconnection, but more on that later); women sync with the universe in so many ways; women imitate nature (or nature imitates women) in the ways that all aspects of nature are curvilinear, like women’s bodies, and how women are four times more likely to be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is because women are of nature: nature is Source/Cosmos/Divinity being manifested through our feelings and emotions.

Because we exist on the physical plane, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to solidify all that we think we know through logic and language, but that is done purely for our Ego. We receive messages from our Higher Self, aka Source aka the Cosmos and we translate them into worldly words for the sake of being validated by our Ego and the Egos of other people. In reality, the cosmos give us all the information we need and it’s up to us to trust that.

Not saying you should immediately trust every single feeling you get, because so many feelings are caused by the Ego, but I’m saying once you are able to fully recognize what is brought to your consciousness from Ego and what is brought from your Higher Self, you are able to differentiate between the two and trust it as Cosmic Knowledge or chalk it up as an egotistical, fear-based thought.

Because men are so ego-oriented, as they need to be in order to fulfill their purposes as a man, it’s far more difficult for them to receive Cosmic Knowledge. Men follow logic to reach feelings, rather than being feelings-first like women.

Men’s feelings can be swayed by earthly information whereas women’s feelings come both before logic and usually in spite of logic.

Mentally and emotionally healthy women who are in tune with their Divine Feminine are able to dismiss their ego and listen to their higher selves, trusting their intuition regardless of earthly constructs and filters that may try to hold them back.

This knowledge is valuable and therefore requires a sacrifice: being perceived as crazy on the physical plane. While it is possible to translate intuition into human language, and generally necessary to do so in order to interact with and be understood by men, women have the ability to make judgements with virtually no logic. It’s extremely difficult for men to comprehend this; they have to either go completely against their nature and trust women, or do what most men do: categorize every single woman as crazy.

Not understanding the difference in the judgement processes of the sexes can lead to a lot of confusion, frustration, and battle; however, understanding and this difference is key to navigating reality.



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