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Why Megan Thee Stallion is the hero we needed.

Z Neutral
5 min readMay 14, 2020
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If you haven’t already, read the foundation of my philosophy here.

Music is a snapshot of culture.

It captures a generation’s values, challenges, behaviors, and mindsets during a given time period. [Consider this.] Into the magic mirror of lyrics is a reflection of social dynamics.

One of the most popular genres of music is hip hop. Within the rhythm and rhyme is a theme that carries through generations of male rappers. The theme is disrespect and degradation of women for a sexual and egotistical gain.

This theme is also played out across different forms of media, such as what is perhaps the most revealing and honest reflection of our society: social media. Social media memes mimic this theme in their own way.

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They’re hilarious because although they are exaggerated, there is still a sliver of truth. Like music, memes have their own way of capturing a snapshot of culture. And considering how many memes center around men dishonestly using women for sex, we must acknowledge the little ounce of reality in them.

As much as I’m generally against women sexualizing themselves for cheap, worldly reasons like money or attention, there is something refreshing about listening to Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan Thee Stallion is a 5'10" Houston Hottie who raps almost exclusively about sex, and all of her music videos feature her sticking her tongue out and twerking.

Megan’s persona is a sexy, dominant, bad bitch who is a female mirror of many popular male rappers. Similar to how male music artists disrespect women in their songs, calling them hoes and bitches, and glamorize using women for sex and then “kick[ing] ‘em to the door,” Megan the Stallion positions herself as the object of desire and raps about men in the same disrespectful manner.

Megan’s perspective is significant because the sexual roles she assigns the genders in her music is opposite of how male rappers assign roles. While male rappers place themselves as the object of desire while surrounded by women, Megan does the opposite — and although extreme, her role assignment is more realistic.

In the real world, women are the object of desire. In the sexual realm, women are supreme.

I consider women to be the sexually superior gender for four reasons:

1. Women are more in control of their sexual energy

While men fixate on sex and do everything in their power to convince a woman that he is worthy of risking the continuation of his bloodline through her, women have the ability to sexually arouse men without even thinking about it. Simply by existing.

A woman could walk into a room in a sexy outfit and arouse all the men present without even noticing.

A man might spark sexual interest on sight, and that is usually only if he is in the top 5–10% of men, but it is very rare for a man to sexually arouse a woman without trying.

2. Sexual arousal does not mentally impair women

When a man is aroused, his thinking is impaired. Joe Rogan once described the feeling of being an aroused man as normally being the driver of a bus, but then once aroused, you are thrown to the back of the bus and the windows are foggy and you can barely see. I know this is a comedic exaggeration, but comedy is another reflection of society whose value comes from the seed of truth that the exaggeration sprouts from. All descriptions of male sexual arousal allude to an effect on their decision making abilities.

Although it can be difficult to think straight while extremely aroused, women don’t receive the wave of testosterone that shifts their thinking to a hyper-focused state.

3. Women know how to please

Most women can make a man orgasm pretty much 100% of the time. Men cannot say the same.

It is evident in the media portrayals of intersexual dynamics that faking an orgasm is a universal female experience.

4. Women can have sex forever

Men are limited by their orgasm. Once they finish, they’re done.

Women can experience multiple orgasms in one session and keep going.

From arousal to peak, women are more in control of their interest, logic, and physicality.

One might argue that men are superior because they are physically in control. I would refute that because women use tools that exist on the mental plane in order to gain a feminine dominance. Because women lack the physical strength that men have, they use their beauty and essence to seduce men into a hypnotized state and only then are they able to have any sort of physical control.

The reason why the perspective that Megan brings is so important is because with male rappers constantly rapping about using women for sex, Megan pushes back with using them not even for sex, but for her own sexual pleasure (they are not always one in the same, gentlemen…). For example, in Megan’s hit, “Captain Hook,” one of her bars states “it’s mandatory that I get the head, but no guarantees on the penetration.” In doing so, she provides a rare, more realistic representation of sex that is centered around female pleasure.

In a way, she’s putting them in their place by saying, “Okay, you all can disrespect women in your male-centric sexual fantasies, but let me remind you that you still couldn’t pleasure a woman even if you wanted to.”

Megan is on the same level (of fame, status, and money) as these rappers who cap on their tracks about using women, and the hilarious reflection is that even in the world of hip hop, sex, and misogyny, the woman still reigns supreme.

My definition of sexually superior revolves around the power dynamic in the sexual realm: women hold the key. Some may find a way to argue that men’s focus on sex or their physical dominance during sex makes them sexually superior by a different definition. I am always open to discussion and I would love to hear different perspectives.