Man’s World | Woman’s Earth: Sexual Energy

Why Megan Thee Stallion is the hero we needed.

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1. Women are more in control of their sexual energy

While men fixate on sex and do everything in their power to convince a woman that he is worthy of risking the continuation of his bloodline through her, women have the ability to sexually arouse men without even thinking about it. Simply by existing.

2. Sexual arousal does not mentally impair women

When a man is aroused, his thinking is impaired. Joe Rogan once described the feeling of being an aroused man as normally being the driver of a bus, but then once aroused, you are thrown to the back of the bus and the windows are foggy and you can barely see. I know this is a comedic exaggeration, but comedy is another reflection of society whose value comes from the seed of truth that the exaggeration sprouts from. All descriptions of male sexual arousal allude to an effect on their decision making abilities.

3. Women know how to please

Most women can make a man orgasm pretty much 100% of the time. Men cannot say the same.

4. Women can have sex forever

Men are limited by their orgasm. Once they finish, they’re done.

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