Man’s World | Woman’s Earth: the Female Ego

A girl is not a woman until she transcends her ego.

If you haven’t already, read the foundation of my philosophy here.

In a previous post, I established that a man’s goal in life revolves around aligning with his ego, or his perception of his highest self.

A woman’s goal is the opposite: to completely get rid of her ego.

A common misconception of female nature is that women are inherently competitive against one another for male attention. While there is evidence to support this claim, I would argue that this is only evident in a premature phase of the female existence.

It is thought that women are privileged in the dating world. Because men have to do the labor of pursuit and women get to select, it seems that women just kick back and relax while men to all the work.

This is a fact — men have to expend physical labor into pursuing a woman; however, women can experience emotional burdens in the process of being pursued.

The competitive nature arises in women when she watches other women be pursued and not her. Whereas men have the ability to pursue whoever they so choose, women are limited to the men who pursue her.

To the male brain, women’s value initially comes from their physical beauty, as it signals fertility. This fact dominates their filtering process of which woman to pursue.

Imagine this:

There are two men who want one woman. The first man gets to her first, and has his chance to impress her. While the second man will be competing with the first, it is still within his power to pursue her and impress her more. Both men get their chance to impress the woman, and she can then select which one she desires based on their performance.

Now, imagine this:

There are two women who want the same man. The logical, decisive, task-oriented man will immediately pursue whichever one he finds more physically attractive. Because women are only limited to the men who choose to pursue them, the other woman doesn’t even get a chance to impress him.

This is why girls find attractive women so threatening.

If a beautiful woman walks into the room, it is likely that insecure women will feel a primal hatred towards her; they feel like all the men have turned their heads towards the most beautiful woman, shrinking their pools of suitors to select from.

It has been scientifically proven that women experience brain activity in the area responsible for trauma when viewing images of seemingly unattainable beauty standards. In other words, seeing women who are prettier is biologically traumatic.

Now, while this is an evolutionary phenomenon, I still maintain that it is not exclusively a part of female nature, but rather a manifestation of the Ego in female nature.

The bridge from girlhood to womanhood is transcending this trauma response.

Ideally, somewhere in early adulthood a woman will feel secure enough in her inner beauty that she is not threatened by the outer beauty of another woman. This woman understands that it is male value that is quantitative and female value that is qualitative. There is no standard, objective way to rank women.

This is evident in the various taste palettes of men: some men think thin women are the most beautiful, while other men prefer thick women, or tall women, or short women, etc. The point is, for every woman with the baseline feminine virtues of being clean, healthy, kind, and nurturing; there is some man who’s taste palette she fits perfectly.

“A flower doesn’t think to compete with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” — Unknown

The petty and immature outlook of constantly being in competition with other women over physical beauty comes from an ego that has not yet been extinguished.

When a woman rids herself of her ego, she can understand that it is not her physical beauty that attracts a man, but his taste. So long as she practices basic female virtues, it is up to the eye of the man to find her worth pursuing.

This understanding allows women to relax, as she has internalized the realization that another woman’s beauty does not take away from hers.

Girls default to viewing each other as threats.

Women default to viewing each other a sisters.

While a man’s duty is to ascend to the demands of his ego, it is a woman’s duty to remove all power from hers.



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