My Case Against OnlyFans

If you are a woman considering starting an OnlyFans account to sell nude content, please read through.

OnlyFans logo via Wikimedia Commons

The Price of the Female Body

Beauty Fades

Dopamine Addiction

The World Wide Web

Supply and Demand

Low supply + high demand = high value.

So what are you really selling through OnlyFans?

  1. You’re selling your ability to be employed after your hotness subsides.
  2. You’re building yourself up for an immense dopamine addiction that will never ever ever be able to be fulfilled the same when your wave of OnlyFans clout passes.
  3. How can you maintain dignity when you’ve sold something that could be so priceless for $10 a month?
  4. You’re filtering high quality men out of your dating pool.



Not an expert, just a philosopher

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